The Drum Shuffle - Episode 036 - Brad Morgan of Drive-By Truckers

September 29, 2018

Brad Morgan has been manning the drum throne for Drive-By Truckers for the past 20 years.  His first album with the band was the critically-acclaimed double-record, Southern Rock Opera.  That release set the Truckers' career into overdrive in 2001 and they haven't slowed their recording or touring habits since.  On episode 036, Brad joins Jamie while on a short break between wrapping up tracking the new DBT record and their fall trek.  Brad shares some great stories and insights into his beginnings as a musician, playing in various bands in the Carolinas and Georgia and being asked to cover a short tour with DBT that he never came home from.  He also talks about the new DBT record, life on the road and how he is still his own drum tech.  This interview was so much fun for us and is sure to brighten your day.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 035 - Sasha Mashin

September 22, 2018

Sasha Mashin is THE premiere jazz drummer in his native Russia.  On episode 035, Sasha takes some time from his vacation to catch up with Jamie and talk about his career.  Growing up in Saint Petersburg, Sasha recalls getting his first drum set, practicing in the stairwell of his apartment building and getting his hands on new music via the neighborhood record collector dubbing cassettes for him.  Sasha is a true student of jazz music and is building a drumming career to be reckoned with.  He has started his own jazz label, Rainy Days Music, and is releasing fantastic music worldwide. 


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 034 - Jay Lawrence

September 15, 2018

On episode 034, Jamie is joined by jazz-master Jay Lawrence.  Jay has played with a stunning collection of icons in the entertainment world.  From Sammy Davis Jr. to Loretta Lynn, he has been there.  He has also recorded percussion parts for some of the biggest Hollywood films of the last two decades.  Now residing in Utah where he teaches at BYU, Jay talks about growing up behind the kit, his influences, how to stay busy as a drummer and his stellar new album Sonic Paragon.  Jay has a wonderful and inspirational personal story to share and he does so on this episode.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 033 - TJ Taylor of SOIL

September 8, 2018

TJ Taylor, just home from a tour with SOIL, stopped by The Drum Shuffle studios to talk to Jamie about growing up in Kentucky, being given his first drum set, playing along to his favorite drummers and eventually joining Tantric and now, SOIL.  TJ's work ethic and unique drumming style has garnered him tons of attention over the past few years and he continues to grow as a musician.  TJ also covers his influences, approach to songwriting and his hybrid left-handed way of playing.  TJ's story is certainly educational and inspirational.  Don't miss out on this conversation.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 032 - Grant Menefee

September 1, 2018

Grant Menefee is a well-known drum instructor in the Baltimore, Maryland area.  He is quite simply a teacher to the stars.  Former students include Jon Theadore, Matt Halpern and Nate Morton.  A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Grant has been teaching and playing for many years.  He has also written for many major drum publications.  His lasting legacy is that he continues to teach the craft of drumming to countless students each week.  On episode 032 he shares a wealth of information and knowledge with Jamie to share.  Enjoy!