The Drum Shuffle - Episode 022 - Michael Miley of Rival Sons

June 23, 2018

Michael Miley has been bringing the thunder with Rival Sons since 2005.  Widely known for their work ethic, great albums and non-stop touring, Rival Sons have established themselves as one of the flag-bearers of Rock n' Roll in the 21st century.  On episode 022, Jamie and Miley discuss their current tour in support of 2016's Hollow Bones record, the recording of the band's yet-to-be-titled upcoming album, Rival Sons' writing process and working and recording with Dave Cobb.  Miley's playing has been widely compared to the legendary John Bonham and he shares a ton of great advice and tips during this interview.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 021 - Jeff Williams

June 16, 2018

On episode 021, Jamie catches up with legendary jazz drummer Jeff Williams from his home in England to discuss his 50-year career behind the kit.  Jeff has played with jazz greats such as Stan Getz, Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, and Lee Konitz among others.  Jeff talks about his formative years as a player, studying with the great Alan Dawson and landing some of his early gigs.  Jamie and Jeff also discuss his group's new album, Lifelike, that was recorded live in London highlighting Jeff's abilities as a drummer, composer and bandleader.  Jeff also offers loads of fantastic advice and insights on "letting go of thought" while playing. 


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 020 - Chad Gamble of Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

June 9, 2018

Chad Gamble grew up in the Muscle Shoals region of Alabama playing drums from an early age.  He paid his dues in the Beale Street blues clubs of Memphis before forming The Gamble Brothers Band with his brother Al.  After three albums and extensive touring with GBB, he was asked to do some fill-in shows with former Drive-By Truckers guitarist Jason Isbell who was establishing himself as a solo artist.  Soon after, Chad was asked to join Jason's band full-time.  This band would eventually become known as The 400 Unit.  On episode 020, Chad talks with Jamie about his early years, joining forces with Jason and recording quite possibly several of the greatest Americana albums of all-time.  Chad is a monster groove machine and one of the most down-to-earth, nice guys in the music business.  His story provides inspiration and a message of persistence for all musicians. 


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 019 - Mike Fraser, Recording Engineer and Mixing Master

June 2, 2018

Mike Fraser has been a recording professional since the late 1970's.  He literally started as a janitor at Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver.  He quickly moved his way up to assistant engineer helping a young Bob Rock with punk demos and the late Bruce Fairbairn on his sessions.  Mike caught a lucky break when Bob Rock had to leave the studio for a tour and found himself in the engineer's chair on Aerosmith's comeback album "Permanent Vacation". Then, almost by accident, he ended up providing the final mixes on that great record as well.  On episode 019, Jamie and Mike talk about his legendary career as an engineer and mixer recounting some of the great albums he has shaped sonically.  A short list of credits include Aerosmith, Whitesnake, The Cult, Blue Murder, AC/DC, Coverdale/Page, Metallica, Blackberry Smoke, and The Wild.  If you've ever wondered what it's like to be in the room when your favorite artist records a timeless album, this episode is for you.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 018 - Rod Morgenstein of The Dixie Dregs and Winger

May 26, 2018

Rod Morgenstein is a legendary drummer.  On episode 018, Jamie chats with Rod about the formation of The Dixie Dregs in the mid-1970's and their classic fusion album "Free Fall."  They also discuss Rod's time in Winger, his 20 years of teaching at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and his collaborations with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater fame.  Rod is one of Jamie's all-time favorite drummers, so this was a very special interview for Jamie.  Rod is a monster behind the kit while being one of the nicest guys in the music business. 


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 017 - Mike Pride

May 19, 2018

On Episode 017, Jamie talks with Mike Pride whose projects include From Bacteria To Boys, Drummer's Corpse, I Hate Work, and Locksmith Isidore.  Truly one of the busiest drummers in New York, Mike talks about growing up in a musical family in southern Maine, his move to New York and being true to yourself and your vision as an artist.  He also candidly discusses teaching the next generation of drummers and being part of the only avant-garde jazz group to ever play a stadium show.  Mike is a class-act, a great drummer and is truly inspirational as an artist.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 016 - Liberty DeVitto of Lords of 52nd Street and Billy Joel

May 12, 2018

Liberty DeVitto's drumming has been featured on classic albums by Billy Joel that have sold in excess of 150 million copies.  On episode 016, he recalls growing up in Long Island, seeing the Beatles for the first time, and joining Billy Joel's band in 1974.  Lib is known as "The Songwriter's Drummer" and is a true historian of rock & roll.  Lib and Jamie also discuss the great documentary Hired Gun that Lib is widely featured in.  This is a highly educational episode for anyone that loves great music.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 015 - Bryan Hitt of REO Speedwagon

May 5, 2018

Bryan Hitt grew up in a town of 900 people in rural, east Texas.  On episode 015 of The Drum Shuffle, Bryan recalls his start in his school band and moving to Alaska during high school.  Bryan talks with Jamie about his move to L.A. in 1980, his career beginning to grow, and ultimately landing his gig with REO Speedwagon in 1989.  Bryan's story is truly inspirational for musicians and anyone that is chasing their dreams.  Don't miss this great conversation.