The Drum Shuffle - Episode 031 - Brendan Buckley

August 25, 2018

Brendan Buckley is a drummer's drummer.  He has been recording and touring with Pop mega-star Shakira for almost 20 years.  His performance resume also includes Daniel Powter, Jackson Browne, Julio Iglesias, The Bodeans, Miley Cyrus and Shelby Lynne.  On episode 031, Brendan and Jamie talk about his early days as a musician, taking lessons from the great Tommy Igoe, his first big break and his approach to recording and touring with various artists.  Brendan is simply one of the great drummers in the business today.  He shares a ton of great knowledge and insight that is sure to be inspirational to everyone.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 030 - Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz

August 18, 2018

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz has been drumming for Weird Al Yankovic for 38 years.  Bermuda is an ultra-versatile drummer, musical historian and archivist for Al's band.  On episode 030, he and Jamie discuss his first drumset, presented to him by Bill Ludwig personally, his musical education and meeting Al on the Dr. Demento radio show.  That chance encounter in 1980 has led to many world tours, Grammy awards and millions of albums sold around the globe.  Bermuda is also very active on several drum-related internet forums and has always been available to others to answer questions and provide advice.  He is truly a statesman of the drumming community.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 029 - Jerry Gaskill of King’s X

August 11, 2018

Jerry Gaskill has been drumming since the tender age of four.  On episode 029, Jamie talks with Jerry about his long and illustrious career in King's X.  King's X is one of the most influential bands in the genres of rock, metal and prog of all-time.  Jerry also discusses some of the giant shows that he's played as well as the band's wonderful relationship with their legion of fans.  He also hints at a new King's X album project in the near-future.  Jerry is truly a kind soul that shares deeply inspiring thoughts and stories this week.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 028 - Matt Chamberlain

August 4, 2018

Matt Chamberlain is a first-call in-demand session drummer.  His list of credits includes Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, A Perfect Circle, Willie Nelson, Neko Case, Tori Amos, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, The Wallflowers, and Sheryl Crow to name just a few.  Matt also spent a season as the drummer on Saturday Night Live with guitar great GE Smith as the bandleader.  On episode 028, Matt talks about his legendary career, his world-class studio Cyclops Sound and his massive drum collection.  Matt is a class-act at the top of the drumming world and he shares tons of great knowledge on this week's show.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 027 - Brandon Goodwin of B’s Bees

July 28, 2018

Brandon Goodwin and his band, B's Bees, is a staple of the thriving jazz scene in Montreal.  On episode 027, Brandon discusses his start in music, B's Bees' new release Kanata, their recent tour of the US, and his ability to work as composer, bandleader and drummer of the group.  He also shares some great knowledge for any musician to take to heart.  Brandon is undoubtedly headed for huge success in the coming years as this interview demonstrates.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 026 - Robb Ryan

July 21, 2018

On episode 026, Jamie catches up with master educator, Robb Ryan.  Robb is a highly sought after drum instructor in Canada that is an expert in Gary Chaffee's techniques and methods.  Jamie and Robb discuss his beginnings as a drummer, his lifelong pursuit of education and some of his many apperances on leading educational outlets such as Drumeo.  Robb is a fantastic drummer that everyone should have at least one lesson with.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 025 - DJ Bonebrake of X

July 14, 2018

DJ Bonebrake is the legendary drummer of X.  X is quite simply one of the most influential punk bands of all time.  On episode 025, DJ and Jamie discuss DJ's start as a drummer in a Buddhist temple, the formation of X and the Los Angeles scene of the late 70's and early 80's.  DJ also talks about his work with Ray Manzarek and The Germs.  DJ shares lots of great stories and advice on this week's show. 


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 024 - Peter Erskine

July 7, 2018

Peter Erskine certainly needs no introduction.  In the world of drumming, his name is legendary.  Peter has performed with Weather Report, The Yellowjackets, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell and countless other groups at the highest level of musical artistry.  On episode 024, Peter takes time to chat with Jamie about his influences, the history of jazz drumming, his fantastic new album, On Call, with The Dr. Um band and the many accolades that he's recieved over the years.  Peter's humility and desire to share his knowledge with other musicians is readily apparent in this wonderful conversation.