The Drum Shuffle - Episode 051 - Dena Tauriello

January 16, 2019

Dena Tauriello has a drumming resume worthy of standing ovation.  As a member of the critically-acclaimed Antigone Rising, she toured the world sharing stages with Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers Band, Joan Jett, and Cheap Trick.  Since then, she has been a member of Rob Thomas' RT Quartet recording and touring for that incredible project.  If that weren't enough to make all drummers envious, she just wrapped up the hit Broadway musical "Head Over Heels" featuring the music of The Go-Go's.  On episode 051, Dena and Jamie discuss her childhood, a chance encounter with Karen Carpenter and how that meeting cemented her desire to become a drummer.  She also discusses all the various projects that she has been a part of and her hopes for the future.  Dena is a world-class musician who shares some great stories and advice that is certain to appeal to everyone that listens. 


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 050 - Charlie Mills

January 9, 2019

Charlie Mills is a native New Jersey drummer that sports an amazing resume.  Charlie was a member of Dee Snider's SMF solo project, Skid Row, Strength, and many other Jersey-area bands over the past 30-plus years.  On episode 050, Charlie talks with Jamie about his rise through the ranks of incredible musicians in New Jersey, having a very young Jon Bon Jovi in one of his high school garage bands, and a seminal moment that changed his life forever.  Charlie also opens up about his personal journey from alcoholism and drug addiction to recovery counselor and life coach.  Charlie is one of the nicest guys anyone will ever meet and he shares his personal story openly and honestly on this episode.  This is an inspirational story that anyone can relate to with ease.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 049 - Marco Minnemann

January 5, 2019

The episode title should say it all!  On Episode 049, Jamie is joined by one of the world's greatest drummers, Marco Minnemann.  Marco has played with Joe Satriani, Eddie Jobson, Paul Gilbert, Nina Hagen, Steven Wilson and countless others.  He is simply one of the busiest musicians around.  Marco and Jamie discuss his solo release, Borrego, which included collaborating with Alex Lifeson of Rush, the Aristocrats' upcoming 2019 release, Marco's practice routine and much more.  He talks openly about his career and approach to his many projects.  Marco is a joyous man and his playing ability is envied by drummers around the world.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 048 - Backstage at Nashville Drummers Jam 13

December 22, 2018

For our final episode of 2018, The Drum Shuffle traveled to Nashville for on-site coverage of Nashville Drummers Jam 13.  On episode 048, Jamie is joined by a "who's who" of the Nashville drumming community for this great charity event.  Co-founders David Parks and Tom Hurst talk about how NDJ got it's start and what the event means to them today.  Also joining Jamie backstage are Jerry Roe, Jay Tooke, Mark Poiesz, Matt Billingslea, Sarah Tomek, Wes Little, Cynthia Murray, Hubert Payne, Ray Luzier, Keio Stroud, and Chris Frazier.  All of these amazing guests share their stories about NDJ and what they are all up to in their amazing careers.  This is a monster episode to finish off The Drum Shuffle's first year with a gigantic bang! 


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 047 - Chris McHugh

December 15, 2018

Chris McHugh has provided drum tracks for a legendary list of artists that have sold over 150 million copies world-wide.  Let that sink in for a moment.  With a discography that includes names such as Amy Grant, Faith Hill, Billy Ray Cyrus, Toby Keith, Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Lionel Ritchie, Carrie Underwood, Jewell, Brantley Gilbert, and Keith Urban, he is perhaps one of the most-often heard drummers alive today.  On episode 047, Chris shares his background story, his approach to playing and recording, and shares so many great pieces of historical knowledge with Jamie.  Chris is truly a lifelong student and historian of drumming and this interview highlights his depth of knowledge.  If you've ever wondered how the session professionals of Nashville approach their jobs, this is the episode for you.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 046 - David Parks

December 8, 2018

On episode 046, David Parks calls in to talk about his career in music and being an in-demand drummer.  David is a world-class working pro in the Nashville scene.  Having played with Locash, Ty Herndon, Jason Michael Carroll, and The Southern Rock Revival, he is a seasoned veteran in the music industry.  David is currently spitting his time between gigs with Casey James and Derek St. Holmes.  He is also the co-founder of the Nashville Drummers Jam. Jamie and David talk about his start as a drummer, what it takes to maintain a career in the music industry and the upcoming 13th installment of the Nashville Drummers Jam.  Check out this information-packed episode!  


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 045 - RJ Rabin

December 1, 2018

RJ Rabin is not only a phenomenal drummer, he is one of the good guys in the music business.  On episode 045, RJ and Jamie talk about RJ's foray into the world of drumming as a child, attending the New England Conservatory of Music and the formation of his stellar band, Freckle Legend.  RJ also talks about the group's new release, The Long Walk Home, and the recording of this outstanding album.  Easily one of the most approachable and lovable professional drummers in the NYC scene, RJ drops a ton of great information and stories in this interview.


The Drum Shuffle - Episode 044 - Jeff Ocheltree

November 24, 2018

Jeff Ocheltree's name is just legendary in the drumming community.  Jeff essentially created the job description for drum technicians.  Not only has Jeff worked for Billy Cobham, John Bonham, Steve Smith, Lenny White, Steve Ferrone and Cindy Blackman-Santana, he has also built incredible instruments for drummers like Alex Van Halen, Danny Carey and Carl Palmer.  The drum sounds on many of your favorite records were shaped and sculpted by this man.  Jeff is a true artisan and historian of all things drum related.  On episode 044, Jeff and Jamie discuss his start as a "roadie" and transformation into a drum technician, his work with Billy Cobham and his first meeting with John Bonham.  Jeff shares so much great knowledge in this interview that you certainly need to hear.