The Drum Shuffle

The Drum Shuffle - Episode 052 - Rich Redmond

January 23, 2019

Jamie is joined by Rich Redmond for the one-year anniversary episode of The Drum Shuffle.  Rich is well-known for his work with Jason Aldean, having played on more than twenty number one singles and touring relentlessly over the past 20 years.  Rich is also an accomplished clinician, session drummer, producer, author, actor and voice-over artist.  Rich seems to be everywhere all the time and his passion for his craft is uncompromising.  On episode 052, Rich talks about many of his various projects, being prepared for anything, and the art of saying yes.  He also talks about his new e-book that he offers to our listeners for free.  Rich is a force in the drumming world and offers so much great knowledge and advice on this episode.  Don't miss it!

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