The Drum Shuffle

The Drum Shuffle - Episode 055 - Jay Tooke of The Steel Woods

February 6, 2019

Jay Tooke's drumming is generating some serious buzz on the new album by The Steel Woods.  Old News is the perfect blend of sensitive, artful balladry and pure rock bombast by our guest this week.  Jay grew up north of the border in a small Canada town learning to play drums at an early age.  Like many drummers, he played in lots of bands and paid his dues in the clubs and bars there.  Once he relocated to Nashville, things got busy in a hurry for Jay and his drumming.  On episode 055, Jay recalls his early years as a drummer, making the move to Nashville, joining The Steel Woods and shares great insight into the recording of their brilliant new album.  Jay offers tons of great stories and knowledge that will inspire and assist musicians in this great interview. 

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