The Drum Shuffle

The Drum Shuffle - Episode 056 - Mike Johnston

February 13, 2019

Mike Johnston is one of the premier drum educators in the world.  Even while touring the world with his band, his passion for teaching was always at the forefront for him.  After realizing that being on the road in a rock band wasn't the right musical path for him, he went back to teaching others the art of drumming.  Once he reached total capacity with students, he realized that the internet held the key to allow true scale to teach tens of thousands of drummers.  His idea was to create "iTunes for drummers" and was born.  Mike taught himself graphic design, video production, web development and all the skills he needed to accomplish his dream.  In this great interview, Mike is extremely forthcoming and open about how his teaching empire went from an idea to the phenomenon that it is today.  Unquestionably, Mike has had an enormous impact on drumming in general and countless drummers around the world.  Mike is always inspirational and uplifting and this interview is no exception.  Do not miss this episode.

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