The Drum Shuffle

The Drum Shuffle - Episode 077 - Josh Feldstein

September 11, 2019

Josh Feldstein has been drumming since age 11.  He has always been a jazzer...He formed the Verve Jazz Ensemble in 2006 and since that time, the group has released six studio albums.  Five of those releases have charted in the top 10 of JazzWeek, their 2018 effort, Connect The Dots, hit number 1, and the current album, Night Mode, has been in the top 10 for the past five straight weeks.  This is a group that is taking care of business.  On episode 077, Josh and Jamie discuss his start as a musician, the formation of the group, their composition and recording process, and talk about Josh's stellar abilities as a drummer and bandleader.  Josh shares some fantastic insight and great stories in this must-hear interview.

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