The Drum Shuffle

The Drum Shuffle - Episode 081 - Kent Aberle

November 13, 2019

Kent Aberle is a prime example of hard work and hustle paying massive dividends in the music world.  Growing up in rural Illinois, Kent started drumming at a very young age and was forming bands by his teens.  He completely immersed himself in the local music scene and became THE in-demand drummer.  He soon decided to relocate to Atlanta to explore bigger opportunities in a larger city.  He quickly became a highly successful instructor and opened his own drum shop while gigging full time.  As luck would have it, a visitor to his shop asked him if he wanted to audition for a country gig.  As always, Kent was all in.  That gig turned out to be Kristian Bush of Sugarland fame.  Kent has toured the world with Kristian as well as massive tours with The On Fires and many others.  Kent is the epitome of hard work and dedication to drumming.  He is also a wonderful human.  Don't miss this highly educational and insightful interview.

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