The Drum Shuffle

The Drum Shuffle - Episode 088 - Corey Coverstone of Dirty Honey

January 29, 2020

Dirty Honey is a band that proves that Rock and Roll is still alive and well.  The power-groove drumming of Corey Coverstone is currently propelling the band to sold out shows across the country.  The first and only band to top the Billboard charts without record label support, these young men mean serious business without taking themselves too seriously.  On episode 088, Jamie catches up with Corey on the road (literally) to talk about his start as a drummer, his newfound fame, and what he sees and hopes for going forward with Dirty Honey.  Corey also talks about his studies as a drummer of all genres and shares some great advice for everyone.  He is certainly a drummer to watch over the next few years as this young band reaches its full potential.  Corey has a fantastic outlook on not only his future, but on the music industry as a whole.  If you aren't yet hip to him and Dirty Honey, this is an episode you cannot miss.

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