The Drum Shuffle

The Drum Shuffle - Episode 099 - Patrick Muzingo

April 29, 2020

Patrick Muzingo grew up with a pedigree of hardcore Southern California skate culture. By his early teens he was drumming in countless punk bands, sometimes having to sit outside when he wasn't on stage because of his age. When we say punk bands, we mean bands like The Atoms, Americas Hardcore, and Decry. But his path in punk rock bands made an unlikely turn in 1986 when he joined Junkyard. Drawing comparisons to Guns N' Roses, Junkyard perfectly mixed heavy rock and blues with a hint of southern boogie music. Not exactly what you'd expect from a guy growing up on punk rock and skateboards. On episode 099, Pat joins Jamie to discuss his early years as a drummer, the formation of Junkyard, signing to Geffen Records, touring the world on a 3-piece kit, and he finally answers the question about his kit's "unique" set up. Pat and Jamie are also both Los Cabos Drumsticks artists, so there's some brotherly banter about gear as well. Pat is a fantastic drummer with loads of great stories and advice for everyone. This is one you don't want to miss.

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