The Drum Shuffle

The Drum Shuffle - Episode 102 - Troy Luccketta

May 20, 2020

Troy Luccketta has spent the last 30-plus years manning the drum throne for Tesla. In that time, they have sold in excess of 15 million albums in the United States, toured the world countless times, and influenced scores of young musicians. On episode 102, Troy joins Jamie to discuss his early years and influences, what Tesla means to him, how dreams can come true, and how he approaches being a musical drummer. He also talks a bit about the "Troy Shows Up" program designed to reach kids in schools and offer a message of positivity and hope. Troy has always been one of the first musicians to offer his time and efforts for charitable causes and he continues giving back each and every day. Jamie grew up a huge fan of Troy, so this was a very special interview for him. Troy's story is inspirational and is sure to be a beacon for all musicians, everywhere.

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